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When Measurement Matters – There’s no other choice.

Buy from the innovator, not an imitator. Engaged in the manufacture of environmental monitoring equipment since 1962 (+50 years), Climet ®has pioneered the manufacture of numerous design and engineering innovations. With dozens of patents in the field of particle counting and microbial sampling, Climet ®has set the standard in cleanroom environmental monitoring.

Climet ® specializes in providing custom solutions designed and engineered to your technical specifications. If you have a requirement that is not supported in our standard product line, please contact us for a custom configuration.

Since beginning 2016 Logicair isthe exclusive distributor in Switzerland including calibration works in our Logicair accredited laboratory.

The Climet program
  • Airbourne portable particle counters
  • Remote sensors particle counters for continuous monitoring
  • Microbial air samplers
  • High pressure diffusers for compressed gas/air sampling
  • Accessories and software
  • Service & Calibration ISO-17025 in Switzerland CH-2024 Saint-Aubin

A Logicair specialist is at your disposal in any region where you are located (french part – german part-Tessin) to meet you and give you the advice you might need.
For any further information you might need, Technical notes,… just check Climet’s website.

Ask a question about this product



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