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The product

  • Cleanrooms
  • Operating theatres
  • Ventilation/Air
  • High precision temperature
  • Mini-environments, laminar flow hoods, clean workbenches
Turnkey construction of complete cleanrooms. Conception, engineering, project planning and management, installation and site work management, start-up, commissioning and validation.


  • Only one contact for all project phases
  • Solutions really adapted to your technical and financial needs
  • Strict planning enabling a realization in time and within your budget
  • Our innovative engineering is at the leading edge of clean air technology
  • Take advantage of our experience in several domains such as microelectronics, pharmaceutics, medical, micromechanics, optics, research, etc.
  • The most recent norms are applied 

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 All our products and services comply with the latest standards.



 Products optimized for the best performance (such as energy or sound)



 Take advantage of our extensive experience in many areas.



 By focusing on local products (Switzerland, Europe ) we focus on quality and proximity.